This is for Veterans who are over 65 and have Medicare or Disabled Veterans who receive Medicare Benefits.
The Veterans Choice Act allows you to coordinate your VA and Medicare benefits and receive up to $125 back on your Part B Medicare Premium that will increase the amount you receive on your monthly Social Security Check without affecting any of your VA beenfits. So you can continue to use VA and receive these benefits. Plans also have the following other benefits that you have earned:
$0 premium and no co-pays for a private doctor of your choice.
$1000/year of dental benefits plus 2 cleanings and 1 x-ray/year.
$250 year for vision benefits. $1400 for hearing aids.
$50/quarter on non Rx items like vitamins or other non Rx items.
To learn more about these benefits that you have earned, please contact Michael Schlichte at 281-773-3465 or

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